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Asian Cam Models: Digital virtual virgin prostitutes

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"We are here for work, that's why I need prvt, to earn money", said Marylou, alias virgingurl, "hope you understand."

Please order a copy of this pioneering research for your Courses or Library at only $17AUD (including post in Aust; $25 overseas): pmathews2@hotmail.com or PO Box 827, Jamison, 2614, Canberra. Australia.

Alternatively, you may order via Giraffe Books Manila, or contact Bennetts Library Supplies, your local bookshop, or www.biblio.com (ISBN: 978-971-0362-84-4) 170pp.

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Cybersex is a new  industry of the 21st Century.

  • It employs millions of young gurls.

  • It provides for work opportunities and technical skills.

  • It takes advantage of Internet technologies and globalization.

  • And problematizes ideas about sex-work, agency, and feminism.

Now, for the first time, this  industry is revealed with rich descriptions of how it works, the payment system, and working conditions.

The study reveals participants’ lived experiences as ACMs, their work conditions, how gurls come to choose this job, and how they see it as a job.

It raises questions about sex work as a real choice of work, and argues that these gurls are not trafficked slaves as the media and police often claim.

This anthropological study is framed within the contexts of globalization, sexuality/gender, and digital technology, and uses nethnography among other methods.

Written in an accessible style, it is suitable for scholars, students, NGOs and interested lay readers.

This groundbreaking study is a must for those who have an interest in the fields of Human Rights, Gender, Sexuality, Asian studies, Sociology, Anthropology or innovative ethnographic research methodology.

Dr. Mathews, an anthropologist with over 20 years scholarly immersion in Philippines culture and society, illuminates this hidden and secretive industry.

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